7 Tips How To Clean Your Bournemouth Home Before Your Big Christmas Party

clean for your Bournemouth home Christmas partAh, that time of the year. The Christmas lights are sparkling all around us and Mariah Carey’s famous song is being played everywhere we go. It’s a magical time, and we all enjoy it. Buying and wrapping up the holiday presents is one of the things on the “To do” list for December. As annoying as it is, cleaning your home for the holidays should also be put on that list. Scroll down and check our tips to help you get it over with


The Host Should Take Care of Everything… Or Should They?

Sometimes it could be frustrating to organise a party. There’s decorating to be done, setting up a playlist, cooking, cleaning, etc. Whether it’s the Christmas dinner for your family or you’re gathering friends, you need to make sure your home is ready in time. And while some of the chores could be done by you, there are others it’s better to leave to the professionals. Remember cleaning services should be booked as soon as possible because a lot of people in Bournemouth are hosting the same party as yours.
Now arm yourself with patience, some cleaning cloths and a few brushes. You’ve got work to do. Here are our 7 cleaning tips for your Bournemouth party preparation.

The Rooms That Should Definitely Get Cleaned Before Your Party in Bournemouth

Of course, you’ll get your entire home look flawless for the upcoming gathering. However, we would like to point out the rooms that should not be missed, because your guests definitely will be invited there.

  • Living room

cleaning your home in BournemouthThis will probably be the main area where your guests will be staying, and that’s why it has to be immaculate. Fluff up the sofa cushions and get their covers to the nearest dry cleaning if necessary. Wipe down your picture frames or if you’ve hung any diplomas or certificates. If you have a fireplace (electric or an original one) be sure to clean that one as well. Remove unnecessary items if it’s not their original place – magazines, brochures, phone chargers and so on. The room should look like as if a photo shoot is about to start in there.

  • Kitchen and cutlery

While some of the dishes could be prepared during the day (like the starters), it’s highly possible that you’d need to finish up the main dish or cook up the dessert. For this part of the evening, some of your guests may move to the kitchen to help or just keep you company with a glass of wine. This why you need to make sure the oven is cleaned well and there aren’t any unnecessary products on the kitchen countertop. The sink has to be shiny as well as the appliances. (the refrigerator, the microwave oven, the toaster, etc.)

Apart from that, you need to get your glasses and cutlery cleaned. Your friends will be using them whether you’re hosting a dinner or cocktail party. Wipe the wine glasses and make them sparkle. Polish the silverware and wash the plates until they are spotless. Make them reflect the shiny lights hanging on the Christmas tree.

  • Bathroom

Often the bathroom gets left behind because we simply forget about it. Yet it is a room that would probably be used by most of your guests. In this line of thought get the surfaces cleaned, make your mirror shiny and put up some new towels. Also, it’s not a bad idea to leave toiletries and sample cosmetics, if you have any.clean for a home Christmas party in Bournemouth

  • Entryway

This is the first place your guests will see, so pay attention to the smallest details there. Remove the family shoes, get rid of any mail left there, sweep and polish. If you live in a house, make sure the front lawn looks good as well.
And don’t forget to decorate your door as well – put up a festive wreath or some lights.

Pay Attention to These Things While Cleaning Your Bournemouth Home

Each room has to be dealt with in a specific way, but there are a few common issues to look for in all of them. Here is a short list of only 4 points to finish up the cleaning like a professional.

  • Cobwebs

Cobwebs can be found even in the cleanest house. So check all the corners and ceilings to make sure there aren’t any left. We’d suggest moving any light furniture and check behind and underneath them as well. Even the smallest cobweb won’t leave a good impression on your guests.

  • Dust on surfaces

Think of all the items that get dusty. In reality, everything in our houses is gathering dust, but you know what we mean. Bookshelves, cupboards, coffee tables, the telly, the floor – everywhere it could actually be seen, should be checked out and cleaned. Did you know that depending on how small the particle is, dust is capable of staying suspended in the air for up to 5 days? That is why we suggest hiring cleaning services because it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

  • Carpets

carpet cleaning in Bournemouth homeIf you have carpets at home, you need to take care of them as well. Wouldn’t it be great to invite your guest to a lovely living room with a nice soft carpet? In order to achieve that make sure to vacuum once or twice a week and get professional cleaning at least twice a year. If you keep this agenda, the cleaning process will be easier when the time for a gathering comes. Also, the carpets will look like brand new every time after you get your Bournemouth cleaners.

  • Windows

Fingerprints on the inside, raindrops on the outside… Washing of the windows (mirrors as well) is definitely necessary before you invite people to your party. Window cleaning could be dangerous especially if they are high above the ground. If you’re living in an apartment building on the 5ft floor you should be careful. Get yourself the necessary tools and get ready. Make sure the only thing your guests are seeing through the window is the snow.

The point of all this is to make sure you and your guests are feeling good at your Christmas party. If everything mentioned above is done, then you’re good to go. Send out all the invitations and be sure you’ll have a great time with your friends.