Autumn Gardening Mistakes You Need to Avoid

It is already in the middle of the Autumn season in Bournemouth, and everybody is hurrying to prepare their gardens for the winter. There is a lot to be done, and the weather conditions are not always that helpful. It is easy to get flustered and forget to do something important. Mistakes are also a common threat. Unfortunately, the mistakes we make in autumn can have devastating consequence during the warm months. In order to avoid that happening, we have gathered a list of the most frequent mistakes gardeners make.

Landscape Gardening Mistakes

Mowing the lawn in Bournemouth

The first group of mistakes considers the way your garden is arranged.

  • Not netting the pond. Your garden pond needs to be covered with a net, or else in spring, you will end up with a swamp filled with decaying leaves.
  • Not mowing the lawn. Your lawn needs a last cut before the winter.
  • Not cleaning the leaves. Your garden, as well as your home, need a good autumn cleaning. Take the rake and remove all the foliage from your lawn.
  • Not protecting your garden furniture. Before the first snow hits the ground all of your patio furniture must be neatly covered and wrapped in plastic sheets or store in the basement. If you leave it outside it will get damaged.
  • Forgetting what you have planted. Believe it or not, this is more common than you think. Make a garden plan and write all the plants you have and the places they are supposed to grow. This way in spring you will know what to expect.
  • Forgetting to clean the leftovers. You need to weed and remove all dead plants from your garden before the first frost.

Fertilizing and Pest-control Garden Mistakes

Bournemouth is famous for its fabulous gardens and many gardening competitions. Everybody here takes good care of their plants and wants them to grow big and healthy. This is where all the different organic and chemical-based fertilisers come. However, there are a few things we must avoid doing in the autumn.

  • Do not fertilise trees and shrubs during the autumn. This is the time these types of plants go dormant and giving them a boost will only expose them to the damaging effect of the winter cold.
  • If it’s past mid-September, avoid spreading winterizing lawn fertilizer. Turfgrass absorbs nutrients better in a warmer climate.
  • Do not use insecticides in late autumn. It is too cold, most plants are gone dormant and the larvae of most insects have surpassed their critical body size for any insecticides to work effectively against them.
  • Do not spray weed killers near shallow-rooted trees or shrubs. The substance can be absorbed by the plant, and it may have difficulties growing to its full potential in the spring.
  • Do not add any more organic material to your compost piles. The weather is already too cold and the fermentation process is almost completely stopped.

Gardening Mistakes to Avoid When Planting

Garden in Bournemouth

Last but definitely not least are the mistakes all gardeners sometimes make when planting or taking care of their green friends.

  • Not all trees and shrubs can be planted in the autumn. There are some species that are slow to root during the cold months and need to be planted in the spring. Most of them are fruit trees like peach, cherry and pear.
  • Do not clip the evergreens in autumn. This is extremely harmful to the plant, as in most cases the branches go brown and can be easily broken by the winter wind.
  • Do not leave rotting fruits on your peach, cherry or plum trees. The infected fruits can cause a severe fungus infestation.
  • Forgetting to plant your spring bulbs. If you want to have the most gorgeous and colourful garden in Bournemouth after the last snow has melted, you need to plant those daffodil and tulip bulbs now.