Cleaning Tools Every Bournemouth Home Should Have

The goal of every homeowner is to maintain their home clean and tidy. Nobody likes dirty carpets, stained upholstery and dust on every shelf. A number of good cleaners can be used and a lot more can be made at home with basic products like vinegar and baking soda. However, no matter how good a cleaner is if the cleaning tools are not the right ones your Bournemouth home will suffer a hard case of dust and dirt. We have put together a cleaning kit guide that will help everybody to identify the most essential cleaning utensils no home should be without.

It Is All About the Sponge

Cleaning sponge in a house in Bournemouth

Something that is present in every home is, of course, the cleaning sponge. There are many types, made from various materials and by different brands. However, when you are picking the right sponge, you need to look for the following characteristics:

  • For cleaning dishes the classical sponge is ideal. Soft on one side and abrasive on the other.
  • For cleaning upholstery or carpets you will need a harder sponge. Usually, when made from a soft material, the sponge creates a lot of soap bubbles. This is something you don’t want when cleaning a stain on your sofa.
  • For cleaning glass or marble surfaces use sponge cloths. They are very absorbent and have good cleaning qualities.
  • There are a ton of interesting sponge-like cleaning tools that may look fascinating but in reality, can be used only for cleaning the dishes. We are talking about spaghetti or silicone sponges.

Time to Wave the White Towel

Commonly we use towels for drying our body, hands and face but the good cotton white towel is also a powerful cleaning tool.

  • When cleaning wine or juice from the rug or upholstery, use a white cloth to gather the excess liquid and both the stain. It needs to be white and preferably made from natural materials like cotton.
  • It is easy to clean it, just place it in the laundry machine.
  • You can use the white towel to dry out dishes and wipe clean kitchen tables.

cleaning cloth in a Bournemouth homeClean like a Pro with a Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre cloths are a gift from the cleaning gods. You can use them for a variety of things. They are easy to clean, dry out quickly and are extremely durable. Say you have an antique bookshelf in your lovely Bournemouth home. You need to wipe it clean from dust and other microscopic particles regularly. But since it is so old you mustn’t use a lot of water or liquid cleaners. Conventional dusters are also not an option as they don’t actually clean the particles, they scatter them around. The microfibre cloth comes to the rescue. Its structure allows gathering dust and other small pieces without the need for moisture. You can use them to clean all sorts of screens and glass surfaces.

The Multifunctional Squeegee

This is a cleaning utensil often overlooked and not everybody has it in their home. However, your Bournemouth house can benefit immensely from it.

  • The squeegee is commonly used for cleaning windows and mirrors. It will remove all smudges and stains and leave all glass surfaces clean and shining.
  • The second use concerns the shower and more specifically the wet tiles. Use the squeegee to dry them off and prevent the growth of mould and mildew. It will only take a minute to wipe the tiles after you have had a nice shower but it will save you a lot of trouble later.
  • A very non-conventional use involves upholstery cleaning. The rubber head of the squeegee is perfect for removing pet hairs and other fibres from your furniture and carpets.

The Trusted Scrub Brush

You can’t always remove old stains only by using a sponge, sometimes it needs a good scrubbing. That is why you must have a good brush. Pick one that is not with too soft bristles, so you can apply less pressure while rubbing and receive better results. You can also use old hard toothbrushes. They are great for cleaning small spaces without making a big mess.

cleaning tools in a home in BournemouthThe Marvellous Trio

When you spill a ball of rice or drop a plate on the floor you need to have a broom, a dustpan and a mop. There three cleaning tools are essential in every home, especially if you have kids or pets. Incidents do happen, and you need to be prepared. Add and a nice mop-size bucket and you are ready to clean the whole house.

Last But Not Least

A good vacuum cleaner can save your life or at least the upcoming Christmas party you are organising. You can’t have a kitchen without a stove and you definitely can’t have a home without a vacuum cleaner. Spend some time and learn how to use all of its attachments and different options. There are days that you want to spend time with your family and friends but you need to clean the house first. All it takes is to vacuum the home for fifteen minutes, and you are ready to go and enjoy your day.