Free Christmas Cleaning Checklist: Prepare Your Bournemouth Home for the Big Party

Christmas and parties go hand in hand, unfortunately, something else is also tied to these events – the before and after housecleaning. It is a dull tiresome process. To be honest, you probably have way more fun things to do than cleaning the bathroom. Alas, it needs to be done and preferably -done fast. You can easily get flustered and confused when faced with so much work. That is why we have decided to help you by specially designing a Christmas Cleaning Checklist. Read the instructions written by our professional house cleaners in Bournemouth, print the list, and you are ready to go.

Prepare Everything in Advance

cleaning tools for Bournemouth homeBefore the cleaning moment arrives, make sure you have all the necessary tools and detergents. Do not waste time running to the store for liquid soap or paper towels. Prepare all in advance. Here are the basic essentials you will need to clean any type of property:

  • A Hoover with all of its attachments;
  • A broom and a dustpan;
  • A bucket and a mop;
  • A pair of rubber gloves;
  • Two or three microfibre cloths;
  • Multipurpose cleaning detergent;
  • Dishwashing liquid;

Pro Tip: Saw a couple of pockets on an old apron and use it to carry around your tools and bottles. This way you won’t waste time searching for cloths or detergents.

Create a House Cleaning System

Do not run around from room to room, clean the house one place at a time. When you are satisfied with the first room, go to the next. This way you won’t involuntarily distribute dust and dirt everywhere. Almost all Bournemouth homes have a big living room, so start from there. After that, move to the kitchen and dining areas. Then wash and wipe everything in the bathrooms. Leave the bedrooms for last, even if you skip them no one will ever know.

Pro Tip: Just before your guests arrive fast-hoover the entryway. Now your visitor will literally enter in the cleanest place of your house.

What NOT to Clean

Deep-cleaning your home before, or between the winter holidays is a great idea. But to be honest it is quite unrealistic. Nobody has time scrub the oven or wash the carpets and rugs. Leave it for the spring. Do not overdo it. Everything in your immediate field of sight needs to be spotless the rest can wait. In this train of thoughts, here is what you don’t need to clean in your Bournemouth home this Christmas:

  • The top of your wardrobes;
  • The highest bookshelves;
  • That hard-to-reach place under the beds and couches;
  • The oven from the inside, and in that matter, the insides of all kitchen appliances;
  • Basements, attics, garages and pantry rooms – they can all wait for the new year to come.
  • Windows, window frames and screen doors – it is way too cold for that.

Pro Tip: Wash your curtains in the laundry machine and put a little more softener. When they are done, hang them while still damp. This way the curtains will dry out on the spot, all the while releasing pleasant odours in your rooms. When your drapes are spotless, nobody is going to notice your windows.

What DO You Need to Clean in Your Bournemouth Home

Take a look at our custom checklist. It is sectioned by rooms with the most important chores you need to perform. The best part is you can use it as both before and after party cleaning guide. Depending on how big is your property the cleaning process should take around 1 hour. Now you will have plenty of time to properly decorate all the rooms of your Bournemouth home and hang the Christmas lights.

Pro Tip: Print the checklist and put it in your pocket. After you finish each room check to see if you have missed something on the list.

Download Free PDF Here: Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Christmas Cleaning Checklist

Happy Cleaning and Jolly Holidays!