How to Protect Your Dorset Gardens from Aggressive Bug Invaders

Pests are every gardener’s worst nightmare. So many different species can kill and destroy your beautiful flower beds or perfect vegetables. If you live in a wildlife heaven like Dorset, even the most common animals such as deer or foxes can be perceived as pests.

There are many ways to handle and control the pest population in your property – spreading insecticides, building fences and hedges, growing your own ladybird colony.

That is all great but what will you do if your garden and trees are attacked by a vicious, non-native predator, determined to destroy everything on its path? In the past twenty years, the migration of insects has become a serious problem. Species that don’t have natural enemies have come to the UK, and dominate over the native ones. This is a severe ecological problem and one that should be taken with great concern. Every invasive infiltration of foreign pests cause unimaginable harm to the local populations and may even be the reason for the extinction of some species.

There is not much that can be done to contain and eradicate this constant trait. Gardeners have to stay on the lookout and be proactive in order to assure the wellbeing of their plants. Here are some tips that might help with the identification of some of the most common non-native pests that can be spotted in Dorset and the UK.

Aggressive Pests in Dorset