11 Incredible House Cleaning Facts to Blow Your Mind

Cleaning – everybody has to do it, but only a few people actually enjoy it. However, there are a lot of hidden benefits in it, and we are on a mission to reveal them to you. While hovering the carpets of your Bournemouth home think about some of the facts listed below, and you will find yourself smiling. After all, it is not every day you read something so bizarre as the following cleaning compilation.

get fit while cleaning your Bournemouth houseN1: Get Fitter While Cleaning Your Bournemouth Home

Yes, you can actually do that as experts have estimated, if you clean your house for a whole 2 hours you will burn around 200 calories. To be fair to actually lose weight this way you need to a professional cleaner, but at least you will feel good about eating these doughnuts after mopping the floors.

N2: The Dirtiest Place in Your House

The toilet bowl? The drain in your shower? No, you can’t be more wrong, the nastiest place in your entire home is your kitchen and to be exact – your kitchen sink. This is the place where all the germs gather and plot to conquer your home. You must carefully wash and scrub every centimetre in and around it regularly to remove the thin film of invisible but harmful bacteria.

N3: Sweet Dreams!

Here comes the really disturbing fact: around 10% of the weight of your pillow is made from the mites (both dead and living) and their droppings. We won’t go into details about the contents of your mattresses. And now you know why your local Bournemouth cleaners advice to deep-wash your bedding regularly.

N4: You Also Shed

We are not talking about the occasional hairs stuck on the carpet, altho if you have long hair, it can be an actual struggle to properly hoover your carpets and rugs. No, we are talking about dust, yes the thing on your shelves and on top of your books. About 75% of the dust particles in your home are made up from your own dead skin cells. Now that is some morbid information.

N5 Cleaning injustice

Experts have calculated that on average women clean for 12 896 hours, while men do the same job for only half of the time. So now you know why bachelor apartments look and smell the way they do. It also explains why men book cleaning companies more often than the ladies.

cleaning your office phoneN6: Time to Quit Your Job

We mentioned what was the dirtiest place in your home but do you know how many germs are lurking in your office? No, we are still not talking about the toilet. Take the phone handle in your hand and look at it. Do you see the bacteria crawling on it? Your office phone contains more than 25 000 germs per square centimetre. We think this is a pretty good reason to quit your job.

N7: Cleaning the Toilet in Your Bournemouth House Is Not Enough

Yes, we are finally ready to reveal the dirty little secret of your toilet bowl. You can scrub it all you want but if you flush the water with the lid open you can bet you need to change your toothbrush a.s.a.p. Bacteria can travel by air and you really don’t wish to make their journey easier than it already is. Close your lid and wash your toilet bowl every week.

N8: Carpets – Your Biggest Fear

Did you know that 1 square metre of carpet can contain roughly 950 grams of dirt? Yes, this is more than 4 cups of dust and all sorts of small particles. And this friends is why you should make a monthly appointment with your Bournemouth cleaners to deep-wash your rugs.

N9: Always Use The Right Cleaning Detergents

This is both an interesting fact and an important message. Always read carefully the labels of your cleaning solvents, as sometimes using the wrong liquid can worsen the air quality in your Bournemouth home. Professionals advise to use as much as natural products as you can and to set aside the heavy chemicals like bleach.

N10: Food – the Best Cleaning Tool

We are not joking on this one, people all around the world are using different food products as cleaning detergents. Talk about being environmentally friendly. Here are some examples, keep in mind that we are respectably skipping the usual cleaning suspects – lemons, baking soda and vinegar.

  • Banana peels can be used to polish silverware;
  • Ketchup is also good for cleaning tarnish and silver items;Cleaning Services in Bournemouth
  • Mayonnaise can remove watermarks from wooden surfaces;

N11: You Don’t Have to Clean Your Bournemouth Home

And here is the most bizarre fact of them all – nearly 34% of people who hire a professional cleaning company confess to tidying up their homes in advance. Why waste your time in doing this when expert help is no the way, is still a mystery for us.