Half Load

Half Load Rubbish Disposal Service in Bournemouth and Dorset

Half load rubbish removal in Bournemouth and DorsetOur Half Load service is ideal for a range of rubbish disposal needs. Whether you are clearing rooms as part of a refurbishment, just need to get rid of old items or have finished with furnishings – Domco’s service can help you. Our half load waste removal service is recognised as highly efficient and timely. This means that rubbish you want to get rid of is quickly and carefully removed, taken away and recycled if appropriate: so every stage of the process is addressed! Here at Domco, we offer a comprehensive and fast service at the most affordable rate, ready to suit you.

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Your truck was right on time and the guys were very friendly and helpful. A rubbish removal service I would happily recommend for all Dorset citizens.