Full Load

Full Load Rubbish Disposal in Bournemouth and Dorset

Full load rubbish removal in Bournemoth and DorsetWith our full load rubbish removal service, we can easily manage those big tasks such as whole-house, garage and garden clearances. Our team are fully trained to shift the items you want disposing of in a safe, fast and efficient manner.

With a fully-maintained vehicle ready to fit your needs, our full load waste removal service is carried out professionally and responsibly. Our trained staff also separate and recycle items as appropriate after taking them away, so it is a thorough process of quality from start to finish. Even though this is a big service, there is the added advantage – you can expect comparatively small prices!

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I am from Bournemouth and I can't thank enough the guys from Domco. I needed to renovate the roof leakage and I turn out with enormous amount of rubbish. The waste removal service was fast and without any problems.