7 Things in Your Bournemouth Home You Should Never Clean with Vinegar

avoid cleaning with vinegar in your Bournemouth house

We have all heard about how beneficial it is to make your own cleaning products. There are numerous books and videos with DIY recipes where people with questionable knowledge proclaim themselves to be “cleaning gurus.”Don’t get us wrong, most of these homemade remedies are effective, but the ones that are not, can seriously damage your […]

11 Incredible House Cleaning Facts to Blow Your Mind

Cleaning Services in Bournemouth

Cleaning – everybody has to do it, but only a few people actually enjoy it. However, there are a lot of hidden benefits in it, and we are on a mission to reveal them to you. While hovering the carpets of your Bournemouth home think about some of the facts listed below, and you will […]

How to Clean the Carpets After Your Big Bournemouth Party

carpet in a home in Bournemouth

How was your party? Did you and your guest have fun? Drinks, delicious food and some dancing – the right way to relax and enjoy the company of others. And since the party was without a doubt dashing, your carpets perhaps took on more traffic than usual. Not to worry, we have prepared a few […]