Cleaning Tools 101: How Best to Use Them in Your Bournemouth Home

Every homeowner knows they need a good vacuum machine to maintain a tidy and dust-free home. But that is not all. Many useful tools can help you do your chores fast and efficient. In the search for the best advice, we asked one of Bournemouth’s top cleaning companies to give us intel on which are the most useful cleansing utensils. We will also bust some myths about others and explain why you should avoid purchasing these tools.

The Right Way of Cleaning Your Bournemouth Floors

brooms to clean your Bournemouth house

We won’t spend time on stressing how important it is to have a decent hover. We will concentrate on not so obvious cleaning tools:

  • A Broom

Even if you own a Roomba, nothing can replace the trusty broom. However, there are some important facts you need to take into consideration when buying one:

  1. Hard bristle brooms – Mainly used outdoors for swiping patios or deks. The type of material they are made of, allows them to remove debris, fallen leaves and even gravel. They are unsuitable for indoor use, as the bristles can scratch the coating of your wooden floors.
  2. Soft bristle brooms – They are designed to collect smaller particles and dust. The thinner bristles can easily bend and remove rubbish from non-carpeted floorings.

Additional tip: When choosing a dustpan for your indoor broom make sure to pick the one with the rubberised edge.

  • A Mop

mops to clean your Bournemouth house

Just like the broom, the mop is an essential cleaning tool every household must have. Depending on their purpose there are a couple of types:

  1. Dust/Microfibre flat mop – Perfect for collecting small particles from hardwood or tile floors. It is easy to use and a great “in between” method of cleaning.
  2. Wet Mop – There are different types but essentially, this is a big sponge with a comfortable handle. Used in combination with the proper cleaning detergents you can tidy up the whole house in no time.
  3. Cotton mop (with stitching or without) – This tool is mostly used when cleaning commercial buildings and offices. The “heavy” mop is designed to absorb big quantities of liquids thus they are excellent for containing spillages. However, their actual cleaning value in the home is questionable.

Additional tip: Microfibre flat mops can be used to clean your walls. With the right handle, you can use them to remove cobwebs and refresh the overall look of the rooms in your Bournemouth home.

The Cleaning Tools Every Bournemouth Home Must Have

Let’s dive into the cleaning depts and explore the amazing variety of simple utensils which can save us both money and time. If you possess the right knowledge, you can easily tidy up your home like a professional.

  • A Cleaning Brush

There is a large variety of cleaning brushes on the market. Soma has soft bristles, others hard. One type is made of natural materials, but there are also those created from plastic. And if we start to list the things you could wash with them, we will be here all day. However, when talking about a home cleaning there are some general rules regarding the brushes we use:

  1. Use soft brushes when scrubbing your carpets or removing stains from your upholstery.
  2. The harder the bristles are, the more likely there is to damage the surface you are trying to clean.
  3. Use a small spot to conduct a “scratch” test before attempting to clean the whole thing.
  4. Old toothbrushes are the best. You don’t need a tool for each specific cleaning task. Just upcycle what you already have.
  • sponges for cleaning a Bournemouth homeA Cleaning Sponge

Here is the all-mighty cleaning sponge. It can not only be used to wash dishes with but it is a great tool for scrubbing window blinds, door frames, etc.. We will look closely at the most common types, money can buy.

  • Cellulose sponges – They are highly absorbent and are ideal for wiping delicate surfaces.
  • Abrasive sponges – This type has an extra rough layer and it can be used both for scrubbing pans and cleaning the tiles in the bathroom.
  • Natural sponges – These cleaning tools were once alive, literally. They were harvested from the ocean and are not the most eco-friendly choice.
  • Dry sponges – Designed to be used dry, these cleaning tools are made from rubber. They are perfect for wiping surfaces which can’t tolerate moisture like painted walls or wooden furniture.

Let’s Bust Some Cleaning Myths

Ask every professional cleaner, and they will tell you at least 10 things you are doing wrong. And that is normal, everybody has a different style of tidying up (or not) their home. However, all experts are unanimous when it comes to the tools you need to avoid.

  • Duster – If it is made of soft bristles, is a big No-no. These types will only scatter around the small particles and don’t actually collect them. If you want something useful, purchase a textile/microfibre duster.
  • Regular steam mops – On general having it is a great idea, however, most of them (excluding the professional ones) are a waste of money. The cheaper models sold everywhere can actually damage your wooden and laminate floors as they are not well made. If you want to steam clean your Bournemouth home, just call your local cleaning company. It is way more budget-friendly in the long run.
  • Latex gloves – They are not as durable as the rubber ones, and you can actually develop an allergic reaction to the latex. Stay healthy and always buy quality products.