7 Things in Your Bournemouth Home You Should Never Clean with Vinegar

avoid cleaning with vinegar in your Bournemouth houseWe have all heard about how beneficial it is to make your own cleaning products. There are numerous books and videos with DIY recipes where people with questionable knowledge proclaim themselves to be “cleaning gurus.”Don’t get us wrong, most of these homemade remedies are effective, but the ones that are not, can seriously damage your property and cost you a lot of money. That is why we have sat down with one of Bournemouth’s most reputable house cleaners and ask them about their thoughts on vinegar.

Why Marble Surfaces Get Destroyed by Vinegar

Most expensive kitchens have marble worktops and for one reason or another, their owners always try to clean them with a DIY solution. Whatever you do, avoid using vinegar for an ingredient, as it is a strong acid. The calcium carbonate structure of the marble stone can be easily destroyed by the acidic nature of this salad dressing. If you don’t know how to wash properly your worktops, there is no shame in asking for professional help. Many cleaning companies in Bournemouth are capable of polishing your kitchen to perfection.

Avoid Cleaning the Wooden Surfaces in Your Home with Vinegar

This includes the flooring and the furniture. The reason is basically the same as with the marble worktops – the acid will burn and discoloured your belongings. The worst advice you can ever follow is to wash your wooden floors with white vinegar. By doing so the coating of your wooden boards will get destroyed and you will leave your floors complete unprotected.

don't use vinegar in washing machines at your Bournemouth houseDo Not Use Vinegar in Your Household Appliances

As we already mentioned the vinegar is an acid based solution with various cleaning benefits. For example, you can use it to wash your clothes and remove stains from them. However, most “cleaning gurus,” say you can undoubtedly pour vinegar in your laundry machine, and let it do the job. Please don’t ever do that, as a matter of fact, don’t use vinegar inside your dishwasher either. These house appliances are made of many plastic and rubber parts. Once the acid starts dissolving them, there is no turning back, you will have to buy ones.

Aluminium vs Vinegar

Similar to the iron, aluminium pots and pans also shouldn’t be cleaned with vinegar. The acid will cause the metal to oxidise and produce permanent staining. On top of that, the vinegar will have a negative effect on the straights, durability and overall life span of your aluminium appliances. A while we are on the same page, all Bournemouth cleaners advice to never use vinegar on your knives and cutlery.

Grease and Oil Stains Are Unaffected by Vinegar

Our friends at the Bournemouth cleaning company were very amused at how people constantly complain they can clean their greasy stains with vinegar. All “good” washing and scrubbing videos say vinegar can remove practically everything. Well, the truth is very different. Acids can’t dissolve grease, alkalines can. That is why our cleaners suggest to always have a simple alkaline soap (dish soap) at home.

Avoid Rust by Not Cleaning with Vinegar

Most good cooks know how important it is to own a cast iron pan. It takes a lot of time to build up the just right oil coating and the dishes you prepare in it are “to die for.” Well, if you want to successfully kill your iron pan, you are on the right track when washing it with vinegar. The acid will damage the oh so important grease coating and in the long run, will create the perfect conditions for the appearance of rust.

don't clean screens with vinegarDo Not Clean Your Electronics with Vinegar

By now you probably know what we are going to say, but we will do it anyway: Do not use vinegar to polish your PC, TV or mobile-phone screens. The delicate coating will be completely destroyed before you even realise it. Just use a damp cloth and a specialised washing solution. You can find it in any store in Bournemouth. Be smart and do things like the professional cleaners would do.