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3 Step Cleaning Method to Purge Red Wine Stains From Your Bournemouth Home

3 Easy Steps For Cleaning up Red Wine Stains at Your Bournemouth Home

red wine in a Bournemouth houseA birthday party, an anniversary or you’re just having some friends over – all occasions are worthy of a glass of delicious red wine. Often, however, while we’re having fun, a simple accident happens and ruins (at least a little bit) the amazing evening. Red wine spills are definitely not fun, but with these tips, you’ll save at least the damaged item, if not the party.

What Products Do You Need for Cleaning up Wine Stains?

When a red wine spill happens while you are at your cosy Bournemouth home, you must act immediately. No domestic cleaners will be at your door the very second so it will be best to have these products in hand. We are pretty sure you might already have some of them.

Something to dry up the stain:

  • Paper towels;
  • Clean white cloth;

use baking soda to clean red wine stainsA dry substance that will “allure“ the red wine:

  • Table salt;
  • Baking soda;
  • Talc powder;
  • Kitty litter;

Products for preparing cleaning solutions:

  • White vinegar;
  • Club soda;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Dishwashing liquid;

Cleaning Steps You Need to Follow in Your Bournemouth Home

In case of the unfortunate event of spilling red wine over the sofa or the carpet, remember not to panic, because this never helps. Instead, on the way to get your cleaning gear, make sure you put aside the wine bottle or other full glasses. Try to keep the damages to a minimum and the urgent call to a Bournemouth cleaning company on hold for the moment.

Step #1: Absorb the excess wine

First and foremost: attend to the wine stain as quickly as you can. It’s a liquid after all so it sinks in the fabric very fast. Also, you don’t really have time to call the nearest Bournemouth house cleaners, so don’t waste it. Grab some paper towels and start blotting the stain, trying to pick up as much wine as possible. Make sure to change the paper towels so you won’t transfer anything back on the fabric. This is valid especially if you are using a rag or some other white cloth.
When absorbing the wine always use an up-and-down motion to avoid spreading the stain. Don’t rub it and always start from the outer edges towards the centre.

A little trick: When you think there’s nothing more to dab apply small amounts of room temperature water to wet the stain again and continue with the same motion.

Step #2: Apply a dry substance

clean red wine stain from a Bournemouth houseAfter a while, you’ll reach the point of no more wine to absorb, so it is time to pour some dry material. You can use any of the products mentioned earlier. Still, the best choice would be table salt or baking soda because they are natural cleaners. Cover the stain with a generous amount of whatever product you have chosen and leave it there for at least 20-30 minutes. Give it time and when the dry material turns pink, you’re ready to vacuum.

If you acted quickly on the stain, this might be your second and last step in cleaning it up. However, if this is not the case, then you move to the next step. There is still a chance to fix the problem without the help of your local Bournemouth cleaning services.

Step #3 Use a cleaning solution for further treatment

When the first two steps are not enough to remove the stain entirely, you need to treat it with a cleaning solution. There are a few variations here, so you can pick the one you have the products for. The goal now is to remove whatever has left in the fabric. Since time has passed and the wine is now deep into the fibres, using a washing solution should do the job.

You’ll need a bowl and a few clean white cloths for the final step. The recipes are really easy to prepare and usually consist of 2-3 things. So, go get your ingredients and make sure when you’re done, it looks like as if the best cleaners in Bournemouth have been to your house.

Additional Cleaning Suggestion

red wine stains in Bournemouth houseWhether is a solution of a few ingredients or simply hot water, the stain should be treated further if it hasn’t come off until now. In case you don’t use strong detergents as the professional cleaners in Bournemouth, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to take care of the wine stains with these 3 recipes.

  • Mix in a bowl even parts of hydrogen peroxide (buy it from the pharmacy) and dishwashing liquid or carpet shampoo. Use a clean cloth to treat the stain with a dabbing motion. If the stain does not come off immediately let it soak for a while and rinse it. The process could be repeated until the stain is fully removed.
  • A mix of club soda and white vinegar is another option. The minerals in the soda will absorb the wine, and the vinegar will boost the entire effect.
  • Sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar. With this mix, you need to pour some baking soda onto the stain. Then carefully sprinkle the vinegar over the soda with a spoon, because you don’t want to overdo it. The last here is to vacuum or wash the fabric.
  • Boiling water – this option is also a good one, but you need to be careful. It is suitable mostly for clothes. Hot water will loosen up molecules of the red wine making it easier to clean.

The entire process of the three steps could be repeated a few times until the result is satisfactory. The same applies to the cleaning solutions and methods as well. You can continue reapplying or try another one until the stain comes off.